Dr. Maurice McCormick, Ed.D., LPCC, LMHC

Phone:  502-419-5605

Saving Marriages, Restoring Families and Relationships


 It is never too late to save your relationship if you're both willing to work at it!

All relationships experience their dark moments, but the most long-lasting marriages and relationships are those who refuse to give up.

Dr. Maurice McCormick can guide you, even if your partner does not want to participate in counseling.  Even the pain of infidelity can be overcome with sound counseling and therapy.  Rebuild your relationship into one of joy, intimacy and longevity.


Immediate help is available to bring relief and healing to your life - the preparation needed to help you leap ahead to a better future.  There is help available for those suffering from depression, anxiety and hurtful situations.

You deserve a counselor/therapist who is not only professional and expertly trained, but who is also motivated by a genuine desire for healing.


Feel like life's problems are weighing you down?  Don't give up hope!  Take the first step toward healing.  Pick up the phone.

Dr. Maurice McCormick is here to help you.

Phone:  502-419-5605



Dr. McCormick can help you to forgive and forget; to get over the hurt of the past and to heal old emotional wounds.  Therapy and counseling can start the mending process toward restoration and recovery. 

Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Divorce Prevention

Divorce Adjustment Counseling

Anger Management


Christian Counseling

Catholic Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

 The McCormick Family

Dr. Maurice (top), Angela (left), JoAnn (bottom), Darryl (right)


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All About Counseling

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